We live online....


About 3.5 billion searches are made using Google Search everyday.

Everywhere, people are searching for information, shopping online, comparing product prices, getting directions, or just learning something new. 

Isn't that a big opportunity ? 

With Google Ads, you can be there in front of your potential customer. When they're looking for the products or services you offer or anything related to.

So..how can it helps?

About Google Ads campaign types

Before moving on to next step, you should know how does it looks like ? and how many type of Google ads campaign we can apply to our business ? 

Google Ads search
รับทำ Google Ads


Be there, when people search for your product on Google. With Search campaign you can show your ads on Google search results and on other search sites when your keywords are relevant to a user's search.


Google Display Network 


Move people with images. Display ads can reach people with targeted interest, or reaching people who have visited your site with image ad while they’re browsing websites, surfing on YouTube, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile apps.


Youtube Ads

(Video Campaign)

Show your business in World's largest video platform, with the ability to select audience interest, type of video and you control all the budget that can forget about rating point from previous Tradition TVC medias.


App Campaign

Driving App install or Deeplink to any specific page on your site for desire actions with app campaign. Ads can be shown in all placement from Search result page, Google Display Network and even  on YouTube. 


Google Shopping Ads

(Shopping Campaign)

More than traditional search or display ads. Shopping Campaign will be shown above any other format with product image by SKU and link directly to product page on your site.  

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